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Featuring: Wine In a Can From Wine Guerrilla



4-Pack "Rebel De La Maree" Verdehlo



4-Pack "Rebel De La Mer" Rosé of Zinfandel




We want to change the way you think about wine in a can...

Yes, wine in a can is fun, exciting and new to a lot of people. But we wanted to do something a bit different. Our label artist, Miranda Byk, designed our cans to be visually striking, beautiful and refreshing. But we didn't stop at the label design, we wanted the wine in the can to reflect our level of wine quality that we put into all of our bottles.  And for us, that meant putting the same wine we use for our bottles into the cans. 

That means we made our canned wine from our select vineyards that we use for our bottled Verdehlo and Rosé of Zinfandel!

Now you can enjoy our "Rebel De La Maree" White Wine and our "Rebel De La Mer" Rosé in 187mL cans! 

Only available at our tasting room and online, not sold in retail stores anywhere.

The plastic handles are made from 96-percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.



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